Angels Weep

by CJ Lyons

Is she a predator? Or is she the prey?

Morgan Ames never expected to survive when she threw herself and her serial killer father off a cliff. She was fine with that—as long as it stopped his killing spree.

But she did live. After being in a coma, she’s awakened to a nightmare worthy of her sadistic father’s tortures: she’s trapped in the Pediatric unit at Angels of Hope Rehab Center.

Not only do the authorities now know that she’s only fifteen, but she’s been made a ward of the hospital until the legal system figures out what to do with her. Helpless, dependent on others…a fate worse than death.

Her body weak, her mind broken, but her will as strong as ever, Morgan fights for her new life and freedom. Unfortunately, it seems her father wasn’t the only sadistic serial killer on the loose…someone is preying upon the innocent children of Angels and their families.

Only Morgan sees the pattern, only Morgan glimpses the truth behind the horror.

And only Morgan has what it takes to put a stop to it…even if it means sacrificing her own second chance at life.

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Mystery & Thriller

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