Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

Advantages of CCNA Certification

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification remains one of the most valuable and obtained certification today. It is a beginner-level certification offered by Cisco for IT newcomers that focuses on building a foundation in networking using Cisco products and technologies. CCNA is an appropriate certification for people that wants to establish a stable professional career in networking.

Although it is a course for beginners, obtaining a CCNA certification will surely give you the edge that other IT networking personnel don’t have, this includes;

Enhanced training and Skill validation- CCNA certification is specifically for networking and when you undertake the CCNA training and pass it, you become a network administrator who understands the basic concept and fundamentals of networking. Click here for free CCNA practice exams to practice your CCNA. You can now troubleshoot network problems in small networking areas and also capable of setting the infrastructure for networking as well as understanding internet protocol too. CCNA certification is considered a yardstick for networking.

Increased Professional credibility – Having a CCNA certification makes you a better prospect in getting hired into any reputable IT firm or occupying a job position than an average IT individual with no certification.

Salary increase– This is one of the important benefits of being CCNA certified. We all want to earn more income in our place of work, once you are CCNA certified that means a salary increase for sure at either your place of work or in the next company you are going.

Unlike a regular IT person, CCNA certified individuals are able to negotiate an increase in salary when applying for the same position. The value you possess obtaining CCNA certification is what most of the company are looking for.

Requirement for obtaining higher level Cisco certifications– You cannot climb further in cisco career certifications if you have not earned the CCNA certification. Individuals interested in obtaining a professional level in cisco certification ladder will mandatorily need to earn the CCNA certification. This will also offer room for advancement of career, knowledge, learning and opportunities.

Employer benefits- Becoming CCNA certified earns you more value in your firm and this is because they will get numerous huge discounts on cisco products. Often, cisco gives huge discounts on its product based on the number of cisco certified employees within a company. Isn’t that great? You will always be vital because there are many large companies using cisco products and technologies who will give you a chase, offering you a stable job.

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