Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

Algorithms and Its Use in Art

Algorithmic art, which is also referred to as algorithm art, is mainly visual art where the design has been created by developing an algorithm. Artists that use algorithmic are sometimes called “algorists”.

To be considered

For any work of art to be known as algorithmic art, its development needs to have a process that is created on an algorithm developed by the artist. In these cases, an algorithm is merely a comprehensive recipe for the plan as well as possible execution of the artwork, which might include functions, computer code, expressions, or other types of input which will finally determine what form that this piece of art takes.

Achieve fairness

This algorithm is created to attain equality when a partial source is needing to be shared, for an example, to avoid the flow with large processes or packets that create jobs that are small from overriding more material or time on the CPU than other processes or flows. Fairness in queuing is executed in some progressive packet routers and switches.

Main principles

Of the major values of algorithmic art design is to, when possible; build the algorithm in a way that the input does nearly all the work for you. For example, if you understand that the input is constantly going to be figures, then you won’t need to have concessions or checks for strings or force your ideas into numbers.

Algorithms and Its Use in Art


A flowchart is the pictorial or graphical depiction of an algorithm using the aid of different arrows, symbols, and shapes in order to establish a program or a process. With algorithms and art, one can easily understand a program. The main determination of a flowchart is to examine various processes.

Earliest examples

Some of the early instances of algorithmic art that were generated by computers were created beginning in the early 1960s by:

  • Georg Nees
  • Frieder Nake
  • Michael Noll
  • Manfred Mohr
  • Vera Moinar

This is another part of the history and theory of data.

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