Published On: Sat, Nov 20th, 2021

Best Virtual Office Party Ideas For The Holiday Season 2021

So what if you cannot go to your workplace and celebrate the holiday season with your colleagues? You can surely gather online to plan for this year’s holiday season.

We have come up with some of the best virtual holiday office party ideas that will help you spread some cheer. By doing so you can help your employees mingle even while working remotely.

Here are some great ideas to try:

  1. Host a virtual holiday party

You can host a virtual holiday party for your remote workers over Zoom or any other video conferencing platform. The main purpose of this online party is to spread the joy and happiness of the holiday season. You can include games and fun activities to make this online holiday party exciting.

  1. Enjoy games like “Naughty List”

This is the online variation of “Never Have I Ever.” Games like this helps break the ice between your employees. It is a fun game with a touch of naughtiness. This game can be played in multiple rounds. The person to last till the end becomes the winner. To make things more interesting, you can ask everyone to add to the naughty list.

  1. Virtual holiday dress-up

It’s been ages that your employees haven’t got the chance to dress-up and come to the workplace. You can fix this by hosting an online holiday dress-up party. Everyone can gather on Zoom and show off their fashion sense. You can either choose to show your most fancy dress or the ugliest one. If possible, you can also ask your employees to dress-up in different costumes. To encourage everyone to dress-up, you can turn this activity into a contest and award the winner.

  1. Virtual secret Santa

If you miss being the Secret Santa to your employees, you can make it happen online. For this, you will need to secretly assign all members of your team to one another. This way everyone will be gifting and receiving gifts from someone. Make sure that everyone mails the gift to the designated recipient. Then organise an online get together where you get to open your gifts in front of others.

Virtual holiday parties have become extremely popular since the last year. This is a great way to maintain the bond between your employees even when they are working from home or remotely. You can also implement your own ideas to organise a fun virtual holiday party.

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