Published On: Sun, Mar 29th, 2020

Cleaning Your Mobile Phone Is Now More Important Than Ever

As the coronavirus has taken the world by storm and continues to spread rapidly, people are now more concerned than ever about staying clean and germ-free.

One of the best ways to fight the world’s biggest cause of panic today — COVID-19 — is by keeping your hands clean at all times.

A critical part of keeping your hands clean is to sanitize your mobile devices so that you won’t waste the benefits of handwashing by touching a mobile phone surface that’s swarmed with germs and bacteria.

But how can you keep your phone clean?

That’s what we’re here to discuss today. After reading this post, you will know exactly why you need to and how you can keep your phone clean from bacteria and germs.

So let’s start with the why and then we’ll talk about how later.

Here’s Why Your Phone Is Filthy

Can you remember the last time you went out without your phone? When you take your phone along with you, there are countless ways for germs to attach to it, including:

  • While you’re eating lunch, you might be checking notifications on your phone.
  • While you’re using the bathroom, you might leave it on the top of the toilet paper dispenser.
  • While you’re using your phone, you might cough or sneeze on it.

We can go on forever, but it’s clear that your phone is a breeding ground for germs — and what’s terrifying is how close we put our phones to our face and mouth on a daily basis.

UV phone sterilizear

If you want to keep yourself free of bacteria and germ during these tough times, you have to keep your phone clean at all times. Your health will be at risk otherwise, not to mention the health of your loved ones.

Now, you may be wondering:

How Can I Keep My Phone Clean?

Basically, there are two main ways to clean your phone. You can either use antibacterial wipes to clean it or go for the higher-tech option of sanitizing your phone with ultraviolet (UV) light.

Out of these two alternatives, using UV light is the better option as it removes any room for human error and keeps your phone’s surface much safer.

Do you want to learn why UV light sterilization is the most effective solution for sanitizing your phone? If so, then here’s an in-depth explanation.

Why UV Light Sterilization Is the Most Effective Way to Clean Your Phone

With UV treatments, your phone is exposed to ultraviolet radiation that cleans and disinfects it from every angle imaginable. Such a holistic approach is what makes UV treatments highly effective at preventing germs from multiplying and spreading.

Furthermore, a device that uses UV lights is both portable and easy to use, which makes it far more likely that users will avoid skipping on cleaning and do it regularly.

Another reason why UV treatment is the best way to disinfect your phone is that it’s the safest cleaning method for your phone’s surface — as explained in this MIT study.

The Best UV Phone Sterilizer

Are you ready to rid your phone of bacteria and germs? Then get the best UV phone sterilizer out there, which:

  • Kills 99.99%† of germs.
  • Fits all smartphones and the most common case sizes.
  • Provides sound alarms and notifications.

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