Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2017

ContentMart- Connecting Freelance Copy Writers & Clients

Entrepreneurship has lately become very common. As a matter of fact, the spirit of entrepreneurship is first creeping into many of the young population. This is clearly evident from the fact that many youngsters are starting off on this journey on their own across the world(particularly in India). Content, in particular, has become an important aspect of business for many entrepreneurs especially those whose business is based online.

According to reports, quality content is in high demand. It is this same demand for quality and authenticity that has necessitated the need for platforms such as Contentmart.

Contentmart is the leading online marketplace for content in India. The company was set up with the sole mission to serve as an outstanding, interactive and user-friendly platform where skilled and experienced content creators could meet up with content seekers and get work under the most secure conditions possible on the internet.

Content mart is unique from other freelance websites in the sense that:

  1. It supports the advertisement of a wide range of freelancer orders and service requirements linked to web content. For instance, besides advertisement of copywriting services, the platform also supports the advertisement of proofreading services, online publication, and other common content requirement services such as search engine optimization content creation amongst other things.
  2. The platform has put in place such a stringent process for verifying the quality of content due for submission for its clients (in this case content seekers). For instance, any work due for submission is automatically run through copy scape software before the platform formally submits it for review by the respective client.
  3. The platform allows for prospective content seekers to go through the reviews, portfolios and skill set of freelancers registered and verified as working on the platform. In addition to this, content mart offers access to several highly skilled and experienced freelancers.
  4. The platform is duly registered, licensed and does not charge unnecessary commissions on orders posted for freelancers to take up (bid on).

As far as registration is concerned, in order to register as a freelancer copywriter for instance, you will be required to fill up a form which will be provided for upon landing on the site. You will be presented with a few registration options (registration either through Facebook or via email). Whichever the case, you would still need to fill in the form and provide some credentials. Taking into consideration the fact that contentmart does not entertain any kind of compromise on the quality of content that it submits to clients. This being the case, in the process of signing up as a freelance copywriter, for instance, you should expect to take up a language test. Although you might not like this but such measures are precisely some of the things which are responsible for making a content mark one of the leading marketplaces for quality content online. Once registered, you simply need to focus on maintaining quality submission in order to increase your earning potential and positive reviews.

For content seekers (clients), although they too need to register (precisely as clients) there is the “place your order” tab whose only requirement is details of the order due to be posted.

Final Thoughts

Contentmart has clearly proven to be such a fantastic platform for freelance copywriters and clients. As a matter of fact, it is such an authentic place to write and also get to learn how to deal with great business minds. Besides simply providing the most pleasant working environment, you will be glad to learn that upon registration, once you fulfill the verified freelancer criteria set, your earning potential would significantly increase. In addition to all of the above, expect to be properly rewarded for your work, something which is known to be a huge motivation for freelancers. Everything taken into consideration, contentmart is such an incredible platform for freelance copywriters and clients to meet and benefit from each other.

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