Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

CTrax Software Review

In reviewing this newly launched software created by JDi Data, we have become intrigued on the capabilities of this new program. CTrax is a certificate of insurance managing and tracking system that  is great for local governments or companies that subcontract work and need to validate, track, and manage the subcontractors’ insurance while having the ability to automatically issue renewal requests. This reduces the overall expenditure needed on upkeep with any number of certificates managed at a time. Employees no longer need to waste time every year on verifying if a vendors’ COI is still within term or has been renewed because CTrax does it for you, saving you an infinite amount  of employee’s time each year.

In an overall analysis, here are the basic features of this product:

  1. Certificate Library: all of your certificates are in one place
  2. “Hands off Entry”: the document auto-populates based on the certificate scans which save time initially uploading the docs
  3. Organization per project: depending on how large your organization, JDi has created a project feature so that it can manage the contractors’ insurance in one place per project. This is great for large general contractors and local cities that hold many projects with multiple vendors at a time.
  4. OCR: Optical Character Recognition is great because the software automatically reads the document without having the risk of manual data entry mistakes while simultaneously eliminating having to re-type any data at the time of upload.
  5. Batch upload: upload many forms at once so that you can set it and forget it!
  6. Dashboard: this user-friendly panel shows any expired certificates by department
  7. Automatic Renewal Request: set the program to send out reminders to policyholders that their certificate has expired and that they need a new valid certificate for the company’s records

 Here are screenshots of the current software for you to take a look:

FYI: they offer free trials!

For information regarding this program please contact:

or call (954) 938 – 9100

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