Published On: Tue, Sep 17th, 2019

Custom Badges: A Great Way to Boost Your Business

Are you looking for an affordable yet very effective way to create awareness for your brand or business? Well, look no further than custom badges since they could be one of the best solutions to your needs. These promotional tools are not only cost-effective but can also be designed and produced quickly to meet urgent needs, say for an event like a trade fair. The best thing about custom badges is that they can be used in a wide range of ways such as gifts to staff to motivate or appreciate their good work, as freebies to customers to earn their loyalty, and to existing and prospective customers to create brand awareness.

Qualities that make custom badges great promotional tools

So, among the many promotional tools available, why should you go for custom badges to boost your business? The following qualities of custom badges make them some of the best promotional tools:


Are you working with a tight budget and only have a short time? No need to worry since custom badges are so affordable to design and produce that you will hardly have to exceed your budget. You will also get them within a short time because they can be designed and produced rapidly unlike most other promotional options.

Longer life

Unlike flyers, brochures, business cards, and other promotional items, custom badges are not put away or discarded as soon as they are given out. They are kept for a significantly longer time, thus ensuring that the recipients have your business on their mind for as long as they have the badge.


Most promotional items are one-size-fit-all solutions and rarely have a personal touch. Custom badges are different in that they can be tailored for specific people, and besides having the logo of the company giving them, a message can be added. The personalization of the gift will make the recipientscustomers, staff or anyone elsefeel appreciated, and they will most likely show the gift to others, giving your brand more exposure. For high-quality custom badges at unbeatable deals, get in touch with Rocketbadges, the experts in personalized promotional items in the UK.


The best thing about custom badges is their ease of use and convenience since they can be attached to the clothes easily and detached without any problems. They can also be used by anyone and in different ways like in a business for identification, as gifts to customers, and so on.

How to use custom badges to boost your business

Here are some ways you can use custom badges to promote your business:

Give them out for free

Custom badges can be given out to both existing and new customers, especially on occasions like the launch of a new product or opening of a branch. This will help to expose your brand to them, create a tight connection with them, and help to develop a long-term and closer relationship between the recipients and your brands or business.

Use them as rewards for staff

Companies could reward their staff with custom badges for hitting their targets, exemplary performance, or any other reason. This way, the staff will have a sense of pride in the company and feel encouraged as well as challenge other staff members to perform well.

Use them during events

Due to their versatility, custom badges are great promotional tools at different events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, expos, and many others. The company can have button badges and give them out to those who come to the company’s stand, table, or booth at the events. Institutions can also use them to commemorate events like anniversaries, graduations, and so on.

Businesses and other organizations can use custom badges to promote their brands because they are cost-effective, versatile, last a long time, and are fast to produce. Custom badges can create business awareness, improve customer loyalty, and motivate staff as well as do many other things depending on the creativity of the business.

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