Published On: Tue, Nov 9th, 2021

E-commerce integration in an ERP system for apple Mac

E-commerce has become a revolutionary way to sell products at a relatively cheap cost. In the last eight years, more and more companies have chosen to create their online store. The global pandemic situation has also forced the businesses to go online. Entrepreneurs often use an e-commerce platform and an ERP System as two separate components, making the company difficult to manage. A tip is to have an ERP Mac system integrated with e-commerce. Thus, it is possible to manage online sales along with efficient internal business management.

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym that stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. We can understand that ERP system cloud is a computer system that has the responsibility to take care of all the daily operations of a business. Some Solution we can mention are monitoring, invoicing, inventory, balance sheet, purchasing, tax assessment, cash flow, personnel administration, accounts receivable, factory machinery control, employee point, and much more. VarioERP helps a company to be more competitive and organized in the Multi-Channel market, as it offers managers a detailed and strategic view.

Functionality optimization

The integration of ERP software in Apple MAC allows for a more precise management of the stock, being able to see availability in real time. It allows customers to view and access information regarding available inventory and last order status. It also allows tracking of shipments by serial number. The Software helps to reduce the cost of operations and optimizes the customer experience with your store.

Inventory cost reduction

E-commerce uses inventory information to check product availability. However, who actually manages the stocks is the ERP System. It analyzes movements to determine the need for purchase or a possible promotion. The virtual store requires a more accurate inventory management, especially in businesses where there is a lot of product diversification. With features such as ABC Curve and cost management, the ERP system analyzes sales over a period, indicates the minimum stock to meet the demands of e-commerce and to avoid accumulating excessive stocks.

Financial reporting

An e-commerce application for Apple MAC can easily generate financial reports of sales made. Financial management itself can be better managed with a cloud ERP. It classifies expenses and cross-references with available income, providing a more optimized cash flow for the company. Analyzing the business solely by the size of sales is a common mistake.

It ends up treating the financial part in a superficial way. With the integration of e-commerce with an imac ERP, both sales and receivables are stored and managed by the ERP. It may eventually send billing information directly to customers or to the online shop. It also provides data, such as cash flow, charges, cost center, and income statements.

Productivity and timesaving

Integrated VarioERP software simplifies various business processes and reduces human resource involvement in the processes. Contributors do not need to enter data (shipping and product information, stock levels, and other details) manually from one platform to another. Communication takes place automatically. Automation saves time, reduces expenses and increases employee productivity. All sales orders are automatically integrated into the ERP System.

Less redundancy and data error

With the integration, all information, such as customer data on the web, orders, payment and shipping information, is integrated into the VarioERP Software. Item and stock details can be uploaded directly from the ERP to the e-commerce portal, eliminating the rework of re-entering the data.

Satisfied customer

It is very easy to raise customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date, real-time product information. The same goes for stock availability details, order tracking in e-commerce Software. You can even schedule an automatic notification that notifies you when the product leaves for delivery, and track the purchase along its journey. Having knowledge about each step of the Installation process improves the customer experience and brings more credibility to your company. Even in the event of a problem such as a delay in delivery or out of stock, situational interface can minimize any dissatisfaction.

Business control

The integration of processes between e-commerce and imac ERP allows entrepreneurs to manage everything in one place. Therefore, it is enough to have access to the internet. If you also have a physical store, it is possible to have a holistic view of all your sales, thus adjusting your business strategies.

The sales sector is undergoing a more intense digitalization process. There are systems that use different communication platforms. Therefore, it is not admissible in a company for the coexistence of two interdependent systems that are not integrated. Today the business world talks about digital Installation. The relationship with the customer is now digitalized within the company’s internal operations. Responses must be quick and accurate in order to provide an impeccable Amazon shopping experience.

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