Published On: Mon, Nov 4th, 2019

Five Tips On How To Do Well With A Hong Kong Local Business

When your target market is the local market in Hong Kong, there is no one single definitive method that would work for all local businesses. But let us go though some of the tips that have proven to work over the recent years.

Tip 1: The website

Have a professionally designed that can show your products and/or services clearly. Local Hong Kong customers may be browsing websites to decide where to eat, shop or get different types of services, and they may make a judgment about your business based on the website. Your job is to ensure your site looks professional and offers all the relevant information they may be looking for before making a decision to purchase. Besides the products/services, a very well-designed and constructed website would include all the call-to-actions and the entire conversion workflow for the visitors or potential customers.

Tip 2: Local search

You can optimize your site for Hong Kong local search. Your target is to get HK local customers, allowing them to find you through using either mobile or desktop. You need to put up a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy within your Hong Kong internet marketing strategy. Make sure your website includes all the information about the products and services you provide, your location (i.e. address), and other relevant keywords.

For local search to work well, it would also involve building up all the way from the bottom i.e. the basics. Examples are the meta tags including H1, H2, H3, Meta description, Page title, etc. Other examples are to make sure no one page of the site returns errors when users and search engines request those pages through web browsers and web crawlers respectively.

Five Tips On How To Do Well With A Hong Kong Local Business

Tip 3: Address, hours and contact details

You should display the business address and business hours. It really depends on the nature of your business. But when a business requires many customers to call in before making a purchase, it is best to show the business hours when customer support/service is available. Also, for a business that operates with physical local stores, showing the hours of business is important.

The business would usually have multiple contact methods including some of those that have come directly through social media accounts. It is important to showcase all those important and/or widely used social media account contact information. Examples are Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram ID, Pinterest profile address, LinkedIn profile URL, and more. The most traditional of all is the work email address.

Tip 4: Citation or user reviews

A recommendation or a review from a customer who has used your product or service with satisfaction is a boost the confidence to the next visitor to your website (who may end up buying from you). The new visitors did not know enough about your website and your product, but when they see other people who have used your product and are recommending it, it makes sense for them to perhaps give it a try.

Tip 5: Call to Action

Have a Clear Call to Action towards the end goal. The main end goal of your website is to lead the visitors to the buy button. When this user clicks the buy button (of the product of his choice), and completes the payment, that when the first stage of conversion ends. This process is full of tricky drop-off points. You are the one who understands the full process, and you are fully qualify to design the complete workflow for a better conversion experience. The objective is to reduce as many as accidentally drop-off visitors who couldn’t make it to the end.

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