Published On: Wed, Jul 31st, 2019

How Technology Integration has Helped Online Rummy 

Rummy is widely played all across the world, but in the past few years there was a boom due to online rummy. It was in top downloaded and played games. Rummy is played online both to earn cash and for entertainment purpose. Only professional players with skill and strategies can win the game. Though there is increasing craze of online rummy but it’s all due to the advancement in technology that made the game more alluring. It is boon to the ardent game lovers. Minor modifications in the rules of online rummy to make it more user- friendly and easy to play had been done. The form and feature of the game is still the same. It is still a 13 card original Indian rummy but played on a virtual platform like on computer or smartphone.

The integration of technology enhanced the popularity and capability of online rummy. More and more players are attracted towards online rummy. The boost in the popularity due to technology integration is due to some of the reasons like:

  • Customized looks: it is due to technology that the online rummy can be customized 2D or 3D according to the will of the player. The amazing graphics provided by graphic designers made it more entertaining to play rummy online. In comparison to this physical rummy seems to be boring and old stuff, thus, all prefer to play online rummy.
  • Fair play: the card is randomly selected by computer system in online rummy. There is no human interference during the card selection process so, the least chance of cheating when it comes to cash rummy. The winning of rummy game by unfair means occur no-where during online rummy and fair play is ensured. So, people love to play rummy online to win and earn. The results are also appropriate since, computer program does all the calculation and keep a track of the point record of the players. There are no biased results in favor of any person and this maintains the transparency of the game.
  • Safe & secure: online rummy is the safest way to play when you are playing for money. The ultra-modern security provided by modern technology made the transactions safe and secure. The bank transfer on websites of online rummy is safe, fast, easy, and confidential.

With all such features introduced with the help of modern technology online rummy is gaining popularity among masses. The users are growing to enjoy such flawless gaming experience. Online rummy has created revolution in card games with the use of technology to give thrilling experience to the users. Moreover, it is due to technology that anybody can lay at any time, day or night with anyone on their smartphones by downloading the rummy app. Modern technology has thus provided superb platform and great entertainment is bought to the palm of user.

Traditional Indian games like 13 card Indian rummy has various variants online, and are proved to be successful in digital space. Technology has provided real time multiplayer and better rummy experience at home only. Picking and discard of cards seems to be child play, and interesting just because of modern technology.

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