How to Get Your Kids Interested in Reading

How to Get Your Kids Interested in Reading

Encouraging your kids to read will help instill a life long reading in your kids, which will help your kids with their education in the future. To learn how to get your kids more interested in reading, simply continue reading.

Take your kids to storytelling sessions at your local library:

It’s well worth checking the events section of all of the libraries which are located close to your home as it’s likely that at least one will offer regularly storytelling sessions for kids. If you’re really lucky your library may even have librarians or volunteers who dress up as well known literary characters that your children may find engaging. For example, your local library may have a story teller who dresses up as princess, a pirate or a Harry Potter character. If your kids enjoy dressing up, they may even want to dress up as their favorite storybook character to attend a storytelling session at your local library.

Read one book to your kids each night:

You shouldn’t wait until a library’s storytelling sessions in order for your kids to listen to a story time session as you can start your own family tradition of reading a book together each night. As your kids will love getting to select a book for you to read each night. If you have multiple kids, it’s a great idea to let your kids have turns choosing a book each night. Or if you have older kids, they may enjoy reading to your younger kids as a bonding activity.

Give your kids a book budget:

Once a month or a few times a year, it’s a great idea to take your kids to a bookstore that has a large kids section and to give them a budget to buy books with. As if your kids associate books with fun experiences, they’ll be far more likely to enjoy reading. You may even want to enjoy lunch or a snack together at a nearby café or a café inside your local bookstore, in order to create a memorable tradition as a family that your kids will look back on fondly. Furthermore, by letting your kids choose their own books, you’ll ensure that they’ll actually read the books you purchase. Whereas if you purchase books for your kids, you may accidentally choose books that your kids may find boring and may not pick up and read.

Choose books that are the right reading level for each kid:

If you choose a reading book that is too advanced for one of your kid’s age and reading ability, they may feel frustrated that they are aren’t to follow along or understand the text. That’s why it’s a great idea to carefully select books that are the right reading for each child. Especially if your children are very young and are not able to read independently yet.

So if you want to do your best to instill a love of reading in your kids, it’s a great idea to follow all of the handy tips and steps above, that will help you get started.

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