Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

Mobile Application For Android Platform on UIT Campus Connect

Purpose – it essentially produced for students who could unable to aware using the College Occasions, Holidays, Exam Date, New Up-to-date etc.

Tools employed for UIT Campus Connect Application –

1- Android Bundle, XML, JSON etc.

2- J2ee (JSP, Servlet), MYSQL, XML

Software Used – Netbeans for J2ee Parts and Android Bundle for Android apps

Why Need UIT Campus Connect –

For reducing paperwork, Secure Data, Update etc. students can touch what’s going to take place in the school or Any Business. The majority of students they are unable to in a position to understand all the occasions , holidays, new up-to-date etc. Web application and android application in Web Application students can make Account with the aid of Email then students will have the ability to see brand new up-to-date through the admin. Essentially you will find three phase Students, Teacher and Admin these have there own qualities. All of the update is upgrading through the Admin so students might be understand what is going to be happened within the College. Students can share the messages but could be Broadcast for everybody. Everybody can aware with the relevant information.

Android Application -Students could be download android application in the website of UIT Campus Connect and they could be utilize it. There are several feature obtainable in android application like, students can share the content and appearance the brand new up-to-date in the android application. Students can send message for your buddies , message limit is 10 for everybody.

Methodology –

J2EE Parts –

Servlet Servlet are essentially used dynamic web site, it’s secure, first request range from browser site then your server take response with the aid of HTML Page.

JSP – Java Server Page it’s essentially used because Servlet would be to complicated for coding with servlet along with the Web coding. To ensure that rather than servlet we may be used the JSP, JSP have there own Tag, JSTL , you can embedded Web Coding.

MY Sql Database – to collecting all the details in Database I made use of the MYSQL, to make use of the MYSQL you can produce the Table, Insert Data, Up-to-date, Delete, Edit with the aid of SQL Query Language. Established link between the servlet and MYSQL with the aid of Java Code.

SQL Query Language – it’s working between your MYSQL Database and Java, all of the relevant information added , delete , alter with the aid of SQL Query Language. It’s essentially a double edged sword

DDL- Data Defination Language, by which we are able to create table,Data Adjusting Language by which we are able to manipulate the information like Delete, Update, Alter etc.

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