Published On: Wed, Nov 6th, 2019

Top 4FAQs Regarding PCB Reverse Engineering Method

A Printed Circuit Board or PCB in the abbreviation is the circuit board that you find inside electronic gadgets. Looking at the name itself, you can pretty well understand that the method is somewhat related to the fixing of the PCB. Electronic gadgets are quite fragile nowadays,and in case of any internal problem, fixing the PCB is the answer. However, if the circuit diagram is absent, the only thing left to do is to do recreate the circuit through the PCB reverse engineering process.

Just for your help, here are the top four FAQs about the said process:

1. What Services Can You Expect After The Process Gets Done?

No matter which professional help you take to do the PCB reverse engineering, you can be sure to get some services. Starting with the PCB Gerber file, you will also receive the Bill of Materials list (BOM list). Lastly, you will have a Schematic diagram of your PCB. With the help of the Gerber file, you will be able to create the PCB module.

2. How Much Expenses To Expect For Copying A PCB?

PCB Reverse Engineering Method

The reverse engineering process of the PCB depends on few factors knowing which you can get the expenses out. Normally, the layers of the Printed Circuit Board are what is responsible for its price. So, you can figure out that a lower one will be quite cheap,but a higher one will have more cost.

3. Do You Get Different Price Rates For Different Service Providers?

Yes, you do have that because different service-providing companies come up with their own sets of circuits. You cannot expect to get equal service from each one of them and most of the time you will need to call for rework. However, there are some companies who will give you top-notch services and so their rates are easily above the rest of the competition. So, it is your choice whether you want a long-time solution or a temporary service.

4. Why Is It Important To Consult Only With Branded Companies?

Any branded company will try to provide you with the best service they can in competitive pricing. Also, you can feel safe to know that branded companies won’t ever mess with your PCB samples and the files. Accuracy and level of satisfaction is also the maximum when you contact with professionals from good brands like Fast PCB Studio.

These were the four basic things, which people mostly want to know about PCB reverse engineering.

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