Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

Recommended Internet Service for Online Gaming

It is a fact that the games you choose to play online is more likely to affect the internet connection, depending upon the type it is. It will eventually affect the internet speed and the ping rate. While faster-paced games will require faster speeds and ping rates, games like puzzle or strategies allowing you time to respond will ask for lesser internet speed. So, the high-speed gamers will need to have the following Internet Recommendations from their respective internet provider.

  • A Broadband Internet connection, preferably dual band
  • A lower ping rate or latency measuring to 100 m/s or less.
  • Minimum speed of 1 Mbps and preferably higher.
  • Unlimited internet that issues at least 1GB of data per month

Recommended Internet Connections to be Used for Online Gaming

The type of internet connections that are ideal for online gaming are either fiber optics, cable or DSL. Though Mobile data and wireless connections too are fine, they might not come up with uninterrupted gaming experience as both these kinds of connections are susceptible to weather and other external conditions like signal strength etc.

One type of internet that simply cannot put up with online gaming tasks, is the dial up, which today has almost waned out from the market, leaving only few users still sticking to the old concept.

Internet Service for Online Gaming

Not only that the dial up connection will be much slower than any other recent kind of connections, it will also have a higher ping rate in comparison to what is required for online gaming. On the same tune, even Satellite internet should be avoided, that usually range between 800-1200 m/s, while the recommendation for gaming online is 8-12x.

Importance of Low Ping Rates in Online Gaming

The reason why ping rate also referred as latency is the most important factor in online gaming is because it needs the flow of information to be sent from a remote computer to the game servers and back should be as fast as possible. So the lower the number, the better is the response. An ideal ping rate in online gaming should be lesser than 30 m/s, though any number under 100 m/s should work.

It is so because many game servers maintain particular thresholds for their ping rates which can be as low as 130 m/s. If your ping rate stays too high, the game might not pick up at all.

How to Know your Ping Rate

It is not easy to know about the ping rates of your connection until you get your internet service be installed in a particular rate itself or get it tested. One other option is to test the ping rate before the return time lapses. So it should be sometime within 15 to 30 days of installation. The ping rates can also be different from one ISP to the other, and the variables will be mostly out of your control, so you are only left with the option of trying each connection and go to the next if one doesn’t work to your satisfaction.

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