Relaxing Hobbies To Try

Relaxing Hobbies To Try

Whether you find art, DIY, exploring mindfulness or gaming relaxing, if you are aware that it’s important to find new ways to rest and unwind in order to stay healthy, continue reading to discover a list of relaxing hobbies to try.

Painting by numbers:

If you’d love to hang new pieces of art up around your home but are not a skilled painter, you may find it rewarding to purchase large paint by number sets which you can use to paint professional looking pieces of art. Some examples of scenes that you’ll be able to paint include beaches, historical buildings, animals and lush rainforests. So no matter what type of art you’re into, you’ll find a paint by numbers set, that will suit your individual tastes and your home.


If you assumed to meditate you had to sit cross legged on the ground or on a pillow for an hour, listening to silence and trying to quiet your mind, think again. Meditation comes in many forms. For example, you may find it relaxing listening to a guided meditation session right before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning, when you’re waking up. Or you may want to listen to a meditative track while you’re practicing yoga and being active. The key is to find a form of meditation that appeals to you and betters your life.

Candle making:

Why purchase stock standard candles from a store, when you can customize your very own candles at home. You can even use dye or craft glitter to influence the color of your candles. You can even create a rainbow glittery candle, if you want to be creative. You’re only limited by your own imagination. You can also use different essential oils to give your candles a distinctive aroma. For example, you may want your candles to smell of citrus fruits when you burn them or of lavender or roses. If you’re making candles as gifts for loved ones, it’s a great idea to stick to a neutral scent everyone can appreciate such as French vanilla.

Soap making:

If the idea of candle making appeals to you and you love DIY projects, you may also want to get into DIY soap making. One fun part of DIY soap making is getting to choose molds to create the shapes of your soap. For example you can get seashell and flower shaped molds and well as romantic heart shaped molds and teddy bear shaped molds. The latter of which children will love.


If you’re the type of person who unwinds by playing casual games it’s well worth downloading UNO onto your smart phone as UNO is a card game that is beloved around the world and is easy to pick up but hard to master. All you need to know to play UNO is that you’re meant to match the card in the center of the game with a card of the same color or number. If you don’t have any of these cards you can play a black +4 card that will force the next player to pick up 4 cards, unless they have a +4 card of their own.

So if you often feel stressed out and know that you have to find new ways to find a balance in your life and to relax and nurture yourself, it’s well worth experimenting with the relaxing hobbies that are listed above.

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