Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

The 5 Key Benefits of Remote Working

The technological advances of the last decade have made it possible for the majority of people to work remotely. When all that’s required is an Internet connection, major running costs are completely removed and businesses have less financial burdens. While it’s a scary prospect for bosses who’ve used the traditional office model in the past, these top 5 benefits will explain why there really is nothing to fear.

Increased Morale

Having more freedom significantly boosts employee morale. The idea of being stuck in an office environment day-in, day out is unappealing to most, and the routine of it can have negative effects on productivity. When people have the option to work from home they’ll feel a greater sense of respect and responsibility. This makes them feel like a more integral part of a business rather than just a cog in the machine.

Better Productivity

Remote working allows employees to be judged by the quality of their work, rather than how long they work. Having a ‘finish in your own time’ policy can yield much better results in the long run as workers don’t feel like their constantly being watched. While office environments can provide a steady workflow, the quality will often suffer under such strictly monitored conditions.

Reduced Expenditure

Renting a traditional office space is very costly. Most lease agreements will require a commitment of between three and five years, which is often out-of-reach for new businesses. Using serviced and virtual offices will allow you to reap the benefits of a traditional space without having to sign a lease. Most facilities have drop-in desks and other facilities that can be rented on a per hour basis for a small fee. This can help small to medium sized businesses to establish their brand name in areas of high prestige.

More Eco-Friendly

Office spaces account for almost a quarter of all carbon emissions in the UK. On top of this, the fuel to travel to and from work is phenomenal. Remote working is far more beneficial for the environment and will significantly reduce travel expenses for employees. In addition, it can prevent travel-related stress due to traffic, and worries about being late.

Less Sick Days

Research has shown that remote workers take far less sick days. People inside the office will often take off a whole day due to minor problems; however, when working with home employees feel a certain responsibility to get the task done, even when they’re ill.

Virtually everybody has the facilities to work remotely; therefore, more and more businesses are expected to roll with the changes in the future. In fact, it’s not uncommon in the tech sector for managers to offer quality broadband packages as an incentive. If you’re interested in competitive packages for your employees visit Sky number for details about how to set up an account.

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