Published On: Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

The Basics of Employee Time and Attendance Management

A business works well when there is combined effort of several factors and people. A business thrives on the basis of its employees. In a way, a company’s fortunes may swell or fall depending on how good or bad the contribution of the employees is. That is the reason employee attendance and the time they allot to work becomes a matter of great importance. Find Out More here.

While it is necessary to bring in a system that will pave way for better attendance of the employees, it is important that the system is foolproof and mutually beneficial as well.

The necessary factors of employee time and attendance management

Rules need to be followed: First, it is necessary to have certain rules when it comes to time and attendance. Of course, all organizations have it but the problem comes when it has to enforced. There should be time to time reminders of the attendance rules so that if someone is erring, it can be corrected. Also, for those employees who have formed this habit of late coming, irregular attendance and early leaving, it is necessary to talk to them directly if any of the indirect persuasions fail. The only requirement is to keep the interaction civil and mutually respecting.

 Managers need to lend a helping hand: There may be times, when an employee is not able to be punctual due to some problems at their home. At such times, it is up to the managers to analyse the situation and help bring about a solution. Many a times, it is not the fault of the person but of the circumstances he or she is in. A small help can go a long way in the attendance management system of the company.

Let the system be flexible: Today, a majority of the workforce in the world looks for flexibility in their work. So, to make the attendance and time of the employees better manageable, try to bring in flexibility. Like, those who choose to can clock in that much time that is possible with them and the company pays per hour. Such options will work as a win-win situation for both employees and the organization. Find Out More here.

Software matters: To make the system more feasible and interactive, companies can take the help of employee time and attendance management software as well. These systems only need to be installed in the computer or mobile and employees and bosses can access it and key in their time of starting work and leaving their desk. This is an automatic system and comes with many beneficial features which can help the employees as well.

When both employees and employers understand that better attendance will benefit both, there will be efforts on both sides to improve it. In modern times, management software can go a long way in making the system more practical, friendly and effective. The key, thus for employers, is to find a way that will not only be agreeable to the stakeholders but will also function well in the long run.

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