Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2017

The Impact Cockroaches Could Have On Your Restaurant

There are some things in the world that go perfectly together. And there are those that don’t. Such as cockroaches with…ANYTHING!

Here are 5 ways a cockroach infestation could impact your restaurant (or business).

  1. Terrible Reviews – Social media is everything in this day and age. Whenever we are planning to go to a new restaurant, we will most likely Google the reviews first. These opinions have a massive impact on your business. One bad review can have a staggering effect on your profits and client base. So even the appearance of one cockroach is not good.
  1. Surprise Inspections – These bad reviews are read by everyone, including the health inspectors! If the wrong person sees a review that says your business has a cockroach infestation, you can bet your restaurant will be the next on their list to visit.
  1. Failing an Inspection – If any evidence of cockroaches is found on your business premises, you will be shut down instantly. Cockroaches spread a plethora of disease and bacteria. Because of their negative effect on health, inspectors will respond quickly to their presence and shut down your restaurant quicker than you can say roach!
  1. More Frequent Inspections – The health inspectors may want to visit your business more often, to make sure you maintain your cockroach free environment. This can be a huge disruption for your business, and have an impact on profits.
  1. Closed Down – If there is an infestation in your restaurant that is widespread, or not dealt with in a timely manner, a health inspector will close your doors. This kind of bad publicity is very difficult to recover from.

You can protect yourself and your business from the impact of cockroaches and other pests by using a professional pest control company. Many of these companies offer you educated and experienced advice when it comes to pest prevention. They will also create an affordable contract to suit you, so no new infestations happen in the future that could negatively impact on your profit margins.

Hiring a commercial pest controller ensures your health and safety standards remain high, and that your business will be pest free and profitable for many years to come.

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