Published On: Sat, Jun 15th, 2019

Top 3 Advantages Of Using GPS Attendance

Employees are provided with mobile phones for easy communication and better connectivity. So, why not use the GPS feature of mobile phone to carry out the tasks like recording attendance? Perhaps, this was the thought behind the idea of GPS attendance. Listed here are the best advantages of using GPS attendance.

  1. Remote reporting made possible

Using GPS attendance, the employees are saved the effort of coming to office for reporting. They can punch in their attendance simply by putting the GPS system on and punching their details in the payroll software. Thus, they can report to work even while they are travelling. This helps completing lots of client calls in a day. Thus, increase in productivity is one of the best advantages offered by GPS attendance.

  • Dissolving boundaries and increasing cohesiveness

All employees can reach to the office using GPS attendance. They can reach to any of the supervisors or teammate and discuss matter while logging through GPS attendance. Since the employees and their company remain connected, they work more cohesively and all boundaries melt down. Thus, with GPS attendance, geographic barriers disappear and office goes with the employees wherever they go with their HR software loaded mobile phones.

  • Pinpoint the location

The GPS attendance has the feature of adding location to the time of punching. Apart from the time of punching, the employees can choose any timestamp and add location to it. Thus, they are in radar of the employers all the time and are able to justify their salary without requiring being in office all the time. This saves time for the jobs better than reporting and helps employee divert their energy to those.

So, if you are working in a system where geographical barriers are not meant to matter, take help of GPS attendance to build a dynamic work culture and bring more productivity to the day.

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