Published On: Mon, Oct 11th, 2021

Top 3 Plugins to Remove Image Background in WordPress

Transparent background in your image can escalate it from nothing to everything in a matter of seconds. However, unless you are well versed with technology, editing tools, and heavy-duty processes, you are likely going to struggle with the process of removing the image background in WordPress.

However, good thing is that there are a host of available plugins for WordPress image background removal that you can use instead. Not only with the removal of the image background, it further helps correct the image’s sizing and appearance and makes it an option worthy of your branding.

Following are the top plugins you can use:

Rightfully named for its function, this plugin is a blessing in disguise for every professional who doesn’t have much idea about how to remove the background image and when to do it. It is a paid subscription tool, mainly because it involves a lot of independent work for background removal. You do get 50 free credits when you register first, which is always a benefit. If you like how the plugin works, it offers monthly and annual subscriptions that you can avail of.


Although it does have a very terrifying name, Slazzer does get rid of the background image to make everything transparent. Besides complete removal, it also allows the users to change the background with their branded background, if there is any. It does integrate directly on platforms like WordPress and Woo Commerce, making it a popular eCommerce plugin to use.

Image Background remover

Not only does it have a convenient name, but the functions are equally convenient too. It helps automatic removal of white and grey backgrounds to overlay other backgrounds. The platform has an extremely intuitive user interface that makes it a lot easier for beginners to use and make the most use out of. It offers a preview option before you save the final image so it is easier for you to make changes and last-minute adjustments in case there are any required. It also comes with cross-browser support, which is pretty amazing too.

There is not a whole lot of image background removing plug-ins on WhatsApp. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle with the same. The above three options are the top picks that you can likely find on the internet, which means that you won’t have to struggle to make your pictures look professional anymore.

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