Top Hobbies To Take Up This Summer

Top Hobbies To Take Up This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of the long, balmy days and nights which summer offers. If you are excited by the idea of trying out new hobbies, simply continue reading to learn about some of the top hobbies which you should consider taking up this summer.


As the nights are warmer in summer, it’s the perfect time to star gaze, either on your balcony, in your yard or at a public space such as a beach or a scenic look point that overlooks your city. You may even want to attend events at your closest observatory during the summer.


Geocaching involves searching for hidden, caches that are located all over in the world in nature and in urban environments. To find a geocache you’ll need to follow GPS co-ordinates which are posted online for each individual geocache, that will lead you to the area which you’ll need to search to find a small container, which will feature a log book which you’ll need to sign with a geocaching name in order to prove that you’ve found each geocache. If you’re curious about how many geocaches are around the world there are millions of geocaches to find and some even feature special prizes which you can take.

Canoeing or stand up paddle boarding:

If you believe that you have a great sense of balance, you may want to try out stand up paddle boarding, which is a fun, full body workout and will give you a unique perspective of waterways in your area. Alternatively, if you plan on going on vacation during the summer, you won’t find it difficult to find a stand up paddle boarding rental kiosk, which you’ll be able to rent on your vacation.

Alternatively if your sense of balance isn’t that great, you can’t go wrong taking up kayaking or canoeing instead. If you enjoy this activity you can pick up cheap inflatable kayaks and canoes, that will allow you to pursue your new hobby without having to pay to rent a kayak or canoe every week. Just be sure that you wear a life jacket, each time that you go kayaking or canoeing.


Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a few camping trips. Even if you only have a weekend spare to get away, it’s a great idea checking out camping spots which are located a couple hours from your city. While camping you’ll get to take part in fun activities such as swimming, cycling and horse riding. If you own a BMX bike, you may even want to explore BMX trails near the campsites that you choose to stay at.

So if you are ready to make the most out of your summer and are keen to experience a lot more adventures, during your long summer days, it’s a great idea to explore some of the hobbies that are listed above. Especially if you love spending time in the great outdoors.

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