Published On: Sat, Nov 16th, 2019

Two Cases When Growing Traffic For Blogs from Scratch

When you first launch your blog, you may not want to pay to get traffic (i.e. get people to visit your website). Your first response would be to find a list of free traffic sources, where you can start with and hopefully get people to visit your website. You may even set a goal such as “100 visitors every day after 3 months of blogging”.

Case 1: How did a travel blog grow traffic?

The guy has a blog that he records most/all of his travel adventures. At one stage, his blog has started to get about 200 visitors per day. Mostly, he would regularly blog and publish new posts. When he is not blogging for a week (because he is actually traveling), his blog still be receiving more or less 200 visitors a day consistently. At a later stage, he blogs only once every 3 months.

The takeaway includes the following:

Learn search engine optimization in a proper way and while he is doing his blogging and traveling. Everyone knows SEO will help a website or blog to rank up on Google’s organic search results pages for different keywords that are related to the content/topics you are blogging. In the long run, there is nothing else better than not having to actually add content to your existing blog but the blog is still getting organic search traffic from Google, and sometimes other search engines such as Bing/Yahoo.

Polish your writing skill. We all know that content is king. When you know what people mostly ask, it is not enough. You will need to deliver the right answer at the right question. That is when writing skill counts. When you can explain your answers well with details and logic in writing, it becomes a bonus.

Growing Traffic For Blogs

Do not only rely on SEO alone. Make use of social media. You may already have a few friends on Facebook, and other social network sites. Keep it up and keep adding connections to your existing social media. Create posts and publish your posts on your preferred social media (such as Facebook). The traffic you get may not be consistent at all, and may be few and between, but social media sites are mostly free sources/channels to get visibility.

Case 2: An industry-specific blog relies on social media traffic

The blogger would write. She would also spend her time on where people go i.e. Facebook groups, Pinterest group boards, and some other selective forums.

On Facebook, the features are superb. It allows conversations between/among individuals who may not yet be your friends in the first place. Also with a Facebook group, it is a great place to build up an authority on a specific topic. When you know your industry inside-out, you already possess the ability to give out advices to others you are less experienced with the industry. Now all you need is a place like a Facebook group to show your expertise.

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