Published On: Mon, Dec 23rd, 2019

What Does Boosting Bring

If you let yourself be boosted to a new Elo, then you have a new rank and possibly a new season reward. But what comes after that?

We assume a player can be boosted from silver 5 to gold 5, which is not that unrealistic. The player gets his account back, and when that boosted player then plays Ranked, he only gets gold players in his games. But what does he do afterward?

If he plays Ranked, he will lose every game because his level of play is not high enough to keep up with this new Elo, because if he did, he would not have needed this boosting. If the boosted player continues to play, they will quickly lose the boosted elo.

Ultimately, you can say that after boosting, you either continue to play ranked and descend again, which makes the entire boosting pointless, or you stop playing ranked, hold the rank, and that’s it. You then no longer play ranked because you are forced to stop the ranked so that the boosting makes sense. Is this a situation you want to be in and want to spend money on?

What Does Boosting Bring

Elo-Boosting brings nothing to the boosted player except a new rank that strangers or friends can see when they go to their profile. Given how expensive all this fun is, I would say that Elo Boosting is good for those who make their money with it because the prices for Boosting are quite high.

The prices for Elo Boosting differ little depending on the provider. In this example, a boost from silver 5 to gold 5 at the end of the season (which is a realistic scenario) costs 125 dollars. The fact that a boost of this small size has such a high price shows that the demand for this boosting must be large enough to be able to compensate for such high prices. So lol Boost seems to be very present.

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