Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2020

What is the Brave Browser and Should You Use It?

Ads have become very common whenever you are visiting any website or any videos online. Sometimes these ads and tracking software irritate and invade the privacy of the viewers and their personal information that they have stored on their computer. So, to solve this problem there’s a browser available known as Brave browser. By using this brave browser, you can even earn brave rewards. But you must be thinking how does brave rewards work? What do we do with it? Where do we get these rewards from?

We are here to answer your entire query. Let us find out the answers to it:

What is Brave Browser?

The brave browser is similar to other available browsers. It is similar to Google, Mozilla, Safari, etc. The best part of the browser is it comes with inbuilt ads and tracker blockers. You do not need to download third-party apps to block the ads and tracking software. The added advantage to it is earning brave rewards.

But before coming to this we would like to tell you the followings:

How do brave rewards work?

In general, brave browser helps you to block the ads and trackers on the website that you are viewing. But to earn brave rewards you will have to download BAT. It stands for Basic Attention Token. You can download it from the brave browser and install it on your computer. After the application is installed you can open it on your browser and enable it to start earning.

BAT works only for viewing ads as notifications and not for clicking ads. Like many ads, you see you will get paid for it. You will receive alert notifications on the 5th of every month to check the availability earning for ads notification.

What is the Brave Browser and Should You Use It

How to use earned BAT amount?

You can even use your BAT amount in the following ways:

  • Reward your content creators by going to brave rewards
  • Transfer it to other wallets to use it as digital currencies
  • Transfer it to your bank accounts but for this, you will have to connect a brave wallet with you uphold account.

This is how to do brave rewards work. What can be better than earning while you browse? One of the best browsers as it also works on chromium as google browser does. You can use it like other search engines and continue your work. So, why to wait, download it and start using.

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