Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2017

What Is The Contrast Between New And Used Car

There is numerous difference found between a new car and already used car. According to the survey, it is found that the major difference is the price factor. After that, the new car is full with lots of features that are helping in the driving which are not getting in the old model car. The price of pre – existing car is foremost vital for both of the seller and purchaser. Individuals always want to purchase that kind of used car that has a minimum resell value. Comparison of new and used car in Mumbai is based on few difference things.

  • The economic difference between both: According to the survey it is found that maximum numbers of peoples that are the seller of the vehicle that wants to get maximum numbers of the amount. There are differences that found between the valuations of the various cars. It is a vital matter while deciding to purchase one. According to a survey, one can find that there is various resale have or updated the price of the cars that are dependent on the different states. People are found with different economic status. People are always on the mode of purchase and selling as because this often make one understand the economic pattern of the individual. Along with it on the other side individuals are found to bargain with the price of the car as much as possible, and purchase only the family types of the car who belong from non-metro city. Only after judging the purchaser’s background by this kind of social status, the person that are the seller of the car decides the price of the car, and sell out the item, accordingly.
  • Technical difference: The foremost difference between the new and already used car are the condition of the car and the quality. Each knows that used car is that type of car that is used already by the other. Whether individuals are purchasing the new car, from the very first time, that person can handle, maintain the car properly. While you are purchasing the second-hand car, you must compromise few things that are already set in the car from before, and you must have to adjust with the pre – setting.

There are few problems that arise from using the car for a long time that the car engine is not working properly according to the expectation. During this time you have to spend lots of money to repair the engine if you are purchasing the old one. Each is suggesting checking the condition of the car before purchasing that.

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