Published On: Sun, Jul 11th, 2021

What SEO services include

Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing your website and optimizing it in such a manner which not only engenders the quantity of the audience being drawn to your website but also improves the overall user experience of the audience as well through various tools.

It is one of the most amazing and useful digital marketing tactics. SEO helps you to analyse and observe the growth of your website and plan accordingly. It is a godsend for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to create a sturdy and a staggering brand image online.

SEO services

Now that we have established a significant understanding of what SEO is, let’s quickly jump into the world of SEO and the services which are included in search engine optimization.

ON-Page Optimization:- ON-Page Optimization is very important to attain visibility and increase the traffic on your website. The meta description, breadcrumbs and the graphics and visuals you add on the page to make it more readable and captivating.

OFF-Page Optimization:- OFF-Page Optimization refers to the measure a person takes outside the website to increase the quality and quantity of the audience. OFF-Page Optimization includes links, Social media strategy, Influencing others, etc.

Both of these types of Search Engine optimization increase the traffic on your website easily while making the website more attractive.

What SEO services

SEO Monitoring

SEO Monitoring is an essential part of SEO services. It helps you to analyse the growth of your website, the increase in the amount of traffic after analysing for a month or so. Monitoring helps you to eradicate any shortcomings by planning accordingly and doing the things which are best for your website.


Perhaps one of our favourite types of services. Breadcrumbs are one of the most important techniques which increases the overall user experience by navigating the audience through the website. Breadcrumbs are helpful and hold a great significance when it comes to search engine optimization. Don’t know what breadcrumbs are? Well don’t worry we got you!

Breadcrumbs are the words you see on the top of a webpage which helps you navigate which part of the website you are in. They help you get to the most important part of the website with just one click on them and can get you back to the home page in one click as well.


Keywords are an essential for search engine optimization. Keywords are the texts and sentences which increase the amount of traffic on your website. Keywords help your website to grow through quality content. Whenever a topic is trending or has started to trend around the world or in a particular country, using it as a keyword can do wonders for your website, but only if you are from the same region from where the topic is trending.

Let’s understand keywords with an example. The most trending and talked about thing during 2020 was COVID-19 all over the world, which made COVID-19 the most searched thing on Google making it a desirable word for keyword researchers all over the world. In simpler words, in 2020 if you want your website to be seen by people you must have added COVID-19 or related words or sentences in your article.

All these services complete Search Engine Optimization which helps your website to grow and gain more audience.

SEO facts

Let’s get to know a few fun facts about search engine optimization to learn more about this digital marketing tactic.

  • 75% of the SEO is OFF-Page and 25% ON-Page:- 75% of the SEO is off page and ON-Page is 25%, both of these combined complete Search Engine Optimization of your website perfectly.
  • Most important part of ON-Page after content :- The page titles are the most important part of ON-Page search engine optimization after content. Many websites make the mistake of not adding an effective and captivating page heading which is absolutely necessary to attract an audience. Wondering why is the page title so important? Because it is the first thing a person sees as it is always on the top of your article or website and it is the first thing which is shown through Google results.
  • Meta Description:- Attractive meta description increases the chances of more clicks. A meta description should not have more than 155 characters.

These were a few facts of SEO which you must have found intriguing. For more such informative and fun articles checkout our website.

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