Published On: Sat, Jan 21st, 2017

What You Need To Know if You are Sending a Gift to Australia

When it comes to sending a gift parcel to an internal country, there are so many things that you need to understand. The whole process is not easy but it can be if you are aware of some points that can make your journey little more hassle free.  There are several good courier companies like courierpoint that can help you and for that, you need to do some search. It’s not that hard to find a courier company, just make sure that what exactly you are looking for your company and what services you need.  In festive season, you can also get offers or discounts on the total cost of your parcels.

Things that you should know

If you are going to send a gift courier to Australia then you need to know about the things that fall under prohibited list of that country. There are some goods that are strictly banned for shipping like you can’t parcel alcohol, seeds, fruits or vegetables, meat products, and animal products. However, you are free to send homemade things, artificial items and those entire things that didn’t harm anyone. If you are planning on parceling cake or puddings, then be little careful as you have no idea about the condition in which your parcel is going to travel.

What do you need to do for avoiding damages?

One of the biggest problems is getting products damage during the ride, it’s not always courier companies fault, and you are also responsible for that lose. For avoiding, you should take care of your packaging especially if you are shipping fragile gifts; make sure you wrapped your parcel in bubble sheet that can protect your gift from getting any kind of damages. It’s better to mark your parcel as the fragile item so the courier company can take extra care while shipping your parcel.

How can you avoid extra charges?

Shipping is not a cheap process however some companies offers such services but still, overall cost is little expensive. Especially if you are sending a gift parcel then you need to take extra care of that.  There are three types of Australian duties and taxes that apply on expert goods i.e. VAT, Custom duty charges and Excise duty charges.  For avoiding or reducing charges, make sure that your parcel is marked as “gift parcel”. Also, take sure you are not breaking any kind of law or sending an illegal stuff as you will get the charge for breaking law and also you have to pay some penalty.

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