Published On: Thu, Jun 27th, 2019

WP Reset Review – The Best Free WordPress Reset Plugin

Today on our blog we are reviewing WP Reset, a super powerful free WordPress Reset plugin. Everything that occurs on your WordPress site gets recorded into its database. Resetting your site is much the same as clearing out the full of the records in the database.

Why do you want to Reset your WordPress Database?

Resetting WordPress is not a common thing. However, there are plenty of situations where a complete resetting is required. One of the common things is you want to rebuild your website. Here you only need to reset database because you can still use the installation for a new project.

Another reason could be you test themes and plugins on your new website and you need to clean up your test installation.

If you are resetting your website temporarily or permanently, we recommend you to take a complete backup before starting with the process. This may help you if you change your mind at some point and you need your website back.

WP Reset

There are a lot of WordPress Reset plugins available in the WordPress Directory but we have some solid reasons to choose WP Reset over others. Here are some notable features of the Plugin.

  • It is Free to use
  • There is a One-Click reset option available reset the database quickly.
  • Post-reset option
  • The Plugin will delete all posts, pages, and comments from the database instantly
  • Currently logged in user will be restored with the same details
  • It will not delete plugins and themes
  • You have the option to reactivate WP Rese Plugin, All Plugins, and Current theme if that option is chosen in the post-reset options

How to Reset your WordPress Website with WP Reset?

Resetting your WordPress Website with WP Reset is simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Plugins section and click Adc new
  2. Enter WP Reset and install the plugin named “WP Reset – Best WordPress Reset Plugin”
  3. Activate the Plugin and go to the Plugins settings page
  4. Scroll down and type “Reset” into the confirmation field and wait a few seconds to get an entirely new website.

That’s it. Hope this article helps you to learn about WP Reset and how to use it. What do you think about WP Reset? Let us know through the comments.

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