Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

You Need To Protect Yourself from Identity Theft – Follow This Guide

A lot of people find out too late that they should have used some form of protection from identity theft. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. You can be the richest person or the poorest person. It does not matter. There are laws out there to protect your personal information, but ultimately, it is up to you to safeguard your information.

Ways to be protected from identity thieves

#1. Identity Number – Your social security number should not be placed in your wallet or in your purse unless you are just carrying it to make a copy for a new job. Other than that, you should keep it someplace safe. Never give out your social security number to anyone for any reason at all over the phone. Use an identity theft service to help guard against the improper use of your personal information, including your social security number.

#2. You’re Documents – Before you throw any important documents in your trash, shred them. You just never know who is going to dig in your trash and take your discarded bills and statements. On that note, when your credit card or debit cards expire cut them up.

#3. Media Files – Some media can also carry important information so be sure to destroy all of that before discarding it. There are shredders specially designed for this. Also, if you are planning to sell your computer you must be sure to get all personal data removed. There is software available to do this properly.

#4. Electronic Documents – Every month check all of your bills and monthly statements for any unusual activity. Do not just glance at it because you might miss something. Check everything diligently. If you question anything check it out. Never assume.

#5. Online Transactions – With the Internet, the possibilities for someone stealing your identity are great. If you purchase something online make sure that the site is secure before entering any personal information. When you create an account online take every safety precaution you can. Make a strong password.

When opening e-mails do not provide any information to anyone you do not know. There are a lot of scams out there asking for account information right now. Be careful. It is best to not open anything from anyone that you do not know.

Always be aware of your surroundings when giving or receiving personal information. Be apprehensive. Having your identity stolen can ruin your credit and take a long time to repair. So, make sure to take these steps to prevent this from happening to you. If you think you have become a victim of ID theft, put a credit bureau fraud alert on the three credit bureaus to alert them, and creditors, that your identity may have been stolen.

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